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You Gotta Eat Goes To Metamora Fields Clubhouse

August 16, 2011

By Tom McIntyre
July 7, 2011 Updated Aug 11, 2011 at 4:31 PM CDT

Metamora Fields is just that: In Metamora and on what used to be a cornfield. No longer.

Now, a D-A Weibring designed golf course surrounds the clubhouse on three sides.

The restaurant on the clubhouse main floor and the clubhouse itself are designed to look decades, not months old.

General Manager Dan Budzius told me, “It’s a feel It has a nice sense of poshness, yet it has a sense of home to it. When you walk into it, it’s not overdone, it’s comfortable when you walk in. Our motto is; “where you’re always welcome”.

Taking a light lunch in the restaurant when I was there were Denny Powers and retired judge Bob Manning.

Powers said he invited the judge back in February but has got such a busy schedule that we’re just now getting it worked in.

The retired judge said, ” Denny brought me out, and I’ll pay for it. I had a chicken noodle soup and a half a chicken sadwich and they were great”

Dan Budzius gave us a tour of the second floor of the clubhouse. That’s where the Sunday buffet lunches are served…and where a lot of weddings receptions are already scheduled.

There’s plenty of windows…and a balcony overlooking the ninth and 18th greens.

With that in mind, photographer Larry Foulk and I decided to eat on the patio overlooking the course.

We decided to start lunch with an order of Philly cheese steak egg rolls. I don’t know thought of this combination..but it’s really good finger food.

Beef, peppers onions and cheese with a toasted horseradish sauce.

I had two, Larry says I had three.

Either way –it was good eating.

Lunch for me was a grilled mahi sandwich with fries.

The mahi comes on a bun drenched with a tropical salsa–sweet, not spicy.

The Mahi was light and flakey–but the salsa makes the sandwich.

Very nicely done

Larry had the daily special…a chicken parmesan over fettuccini. It could comfortably feed a small family. Larry pronounced it very good and ate most of it.

To finish things off, they wheeled out the dessert tray of decadence.

Larry polished off a Swiss chocolate cake.

Apparently he has a second stomach someplace.

I decided to eat healthy and had the carrot cake. It’s a vegetable, right? Like the rest of the meal, it was delicious.

Our bill, with endless refills of soft drinks, was 48-dollars, 64 cents plus tip.
Metamora Fields currently serves lunch Wednesday thorough Saturday, 11 to 3 with a Sunday brunch buffet from ten til two.

However–that changes July 15th, when the back nine of the golf course opens and lunch will be served Monday through Saturday.

Evening meals remain on a Wednesday to Saturday schedule.

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