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Bank hires PGA’s Weibring for Glen Oaks

March 1, 2010

D.A. WeinbringGlen Oaks Country Club members were reintroduced Thursday evening to professional golfer D.A. Weibring and told that his management company, Golf Resources Group, has been given a consultant’s contract to help run the financially strapped West Des Moines golf course.

Making the introduction was David Milligan, chief executive of West Bank, which is owed a little more than $8 million by the country club. The bank is expected to acquire title to the Glen Oaks course and club house at an April 29 sheriff’s sale.

Glen Oaks members first met Weibring when he won the PGA Champion’s Tour event held at their golf course in 2004. Since then, the finance of the club have stumbled, while Weibring’s management company has prospered. Weibring now works with 50 private and public golf courses around the country, including two Tournament Players Courses where PGA events are played.

Milligan said Weibring’s group “won’t replace the staff.” Weibring will be looking for ways to decrease expenses without cutting services. Instead, he said, the plan is to make the operation more efficient and increase revenues.

The bank plans to eventually sell the country club and has had discussions with potential buyers. So far, Milligan said, no one has offered enough money. The contract with Weibring is short-term but can be extended, he said.

Blog post by David Elbert • delbert@desmoine.gannett.com

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